We strive to continue a tradition of hardwork and innovation.
Since 1962, we have provided solutions and quality for our customers, and a rewarding and safe work environment for our employees.
Clearspan Components is one of the southeast's largest structural component manufacturers of multifamily complexes, lite commercial buildings, and single family homes.
We build the right component for the right place at the right time.

Who we are

Come and work where work gets done

Clearspan Components Inc. produces Wall Panels, Roof and Floor Trusses, and other structural products for the construction of multi and single family dwellings and lite commercial structures.

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A competitive work environment for competitive pay
A job worth doing
A team worth being a part of

Wall Panels

What we do

Clearspan Components is the one of the oldest wall panel manufacturers. From single family homes to sprawling multifamily apartment complexes and everything in between. Wood stud wall panels can be configured to any building plan while dramatically reducing framing time.

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On time and on site. Wall panels delivered when you are ready for them.
Solve framing problems in design not in the field
Finish framing faster with wall panels

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Metal Plated Connected Wood Trusses

Trusses save the framer time
Trusses save the project manager risk
Trusses save the owner money
Choose our wood structural components to reduce material cost and handling on the job site. Protect your project from the volatility of materials markets by locking in a price with us. Let our designers save you time and capital, by solving problems before they are discovered on the job site

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Every component design is optimised for each specification.
Make the most complex of roof systems work with trusses
Solve structural problems in design before you even break ground.
Wall Panels
Wall Panels
Our Facilities

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